Enscape for TestFit

Envision your project with the beauty of Enscape and the data of TestFit.

Shadow studies Enscape TestFit

Render and export stunning visuals for client presentations, zoning board meetings, and more with the integration of TestFit and leading real-time rendering engine Enscape.

Live stream your changes

In the new integration, TestFit users can visualize geometry within Enscape's rendering engine.

Understand site context

Understand your building's sense of place with context buildings pulled in automatically from Mapbox in TestFit and visualized with Enscape.

Lighting and shadows

Improve upon TestFit's existing lighting tools with complex inputs like calendar input and time of day for shadow studies with Enscape.

Placement of assets

Trees & cars can be parametrically allocated with TestFit's configurator in softscape and hardscape, respectively.


Export your vision to share with clients and community stakeholders, along with TestFit's financial metrics your clients need.

Build your vision

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the full functionality of Enscape in TestFit?

A: Only certain functionalities are exposed in Enscape’s SDK; it is not a full version. For now, features include what is listed above. We will continue development on the integration based on customer feedback and what is accessible in the SDK.

Q: I am already a TestFit client. Do I get Enscape in TestFit for free?

A: Yes! As the name suggests, Enscape in TestFit is bundled in to all TestFit subscriptions.

Q: How do I use Enscape in TestFit?