TestFit: The World’s Most Powerful Building Configurator

Quickly validate assumptions and get a site test fit in seconds for your hotel, parking or multifamily building development with TestFit’s generative design and co-creation tools.

Introduction to TestFit

in Seconds

Simply input your parameters and generate a structure in seconds. TestFit combines user knowledge and powerful algorithms into the first building prototyping solution that produces results instantly.

90% of Drawn Buildings Never Get Built

Make instant decisions on site feasibility with TestFit’s generative design platform. By leveraging the power of automation, TestFit allows users to draw sites faster and more efficiently, validate assumptions in real-time, and eliminate wasted opportunity costs in real estate development, architecture, and general contracting.

Data-driven approach to urban planning

Real-time decisions on site feasibility

Massive savings in opportunity cost

Developers, Contractors and Architects All Use TestFit to Do Site Feasibility Studies and Save on Opportunity Costs

“In the past 18 moths we have underwritten over 300+ development opportunities and could not have done it without TestFit.“

150+ companies

35 states

12 countries

“The TestFit tool has profoundly elevated our ability to iterate viable development options on specific infill sites, in just a few hours. The value of our ability to quickly vet inferior options to find the best project configuration? Priceless.”

150+ companies

35 states

6 countries

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