Energy Use Intensity in TestFit

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Factor in your project’s future energy use when iterating on designs for your site. Get Energy Use Intensity or EUI analyzed automatically within TestFit thanks to our integration with cove.tool.

EUI - a useful metric

EUI is a useful metric for comparing performance of buildings across a company's portfolio. It can help reduce the lifetime cost of a building from design phase, and is becoming mandatory energy consumption for some building types.

Understand cost implications

Get a clear understanding of operational energy of your design with Energy Use Intensity or EUI. Prepare your properties and deals against rising energy costs & demands from the feasibility phase.

Energy Use Intensity in TestFit

Lead the change

Energy modeling gives developers & AEC partners the power to make a significant impact, helping to reduce costs while mitigating the impact on our climate.


Export core quantities such as wall square footage, glazing area, directionality of walls & glazing etc. to cove.tool for further analysis such as calculate operational carbarn (kgCO2e emissions), embodied carbon (a1-a3, aka cradle-to-gate), and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is EUI?

A: A building’s energy use refers to the energy required to operate and sustain the project once it is occupied. The metric is commonly measured in EUI (energy/square foor/year).  

Q: Do I need to be a cove.tool client to access the EUI calculation?

A: Yes, a cove.tool login is required to run the integration. 

Q: Does the integration in TestFit automatically create a new cove.tool project?

A: Not yet – you will need to have a new project created first in cove.tool before creating your design to evaluate EUI in TestFit. 

Q: How do I use EUI in TestFit?