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Case Studies & eBooks

Discover real world applications of TestFit in our case studies, including some out-of-the box use cases! Check out our eBook as well, which offers unique insights into how design changes impact NRSF. Happy reading!

Case Study: Affordable Housing with Novin Development Corp

Learn how Novin Development Corp secured funding & their site 3x faster than traditional methods with TestFit.

In this case study we explore:

eBook: Increasing density in multifamily housing

This eBook quantifies the relationship between design changes and NRSF using 222 unique data sets. We’re exploring 18 design changes. 

In this eBook, we dive into:

Case Study: Streamlining feasibility with RBA Architects

Discover how RBA Architects win more work in less time & get closer to their clients.

In this case study, we explore: