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TestFit: Startup Year One In Review

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Startup year in review

TestFit was founded to design buildings in milliseconds–to help architects and developers solve real estate deals with ease. This idea, and our implementation of it, has enabled us to survive our first year as a startup. As we approach October 1st, the one year anniversary of releasing TestFit, we are taking a moment to look back over the past year on all that we have accomplished with our Startup Year One in Review.

October 2017

  • Launched Residential Engine – The first out-of-the-box generative design tool
  • Made the first sale of Residential Engine

November 2017

  • Released Residential Engine 1.011 – “Spaces and 3D”
  • First outside of Texas sale (Atlanta, Georgia)

December 2017

  • Released Residential Engine 1.012 – “Tabulation”
  • First out of state trip (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • First annual contract, company-wide sale

January 2018

  • Released Residential Engine 1.013 – “Input”
  • Formalized macro-bim as a possible value proposition
  • Presented Residential Engine at Society for Construction Solutions, Boston
  • First Sale in Florida

February 2018

  • Released Residential Engine 1.014 – “Manual Mode
  • Presented Residential Engine at Society for Construction Solutions, San Francisco
  • First Sales in California and Massachusetts

March 2018

  • Released Residential Engine 1.015 – “Wrap-Podium”
  • First Sales in Colorado and Wisconsin

April 2018

  • Re-branded to TestFit
  • Released Test Fit 1.0
  • First Sales in Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Virginia
  • Formalized Deal Information Modeling
  • First International Sale to the United Kingdom

May 2018

  • Released TestFit Version 1.001 – “Multiple Sites”
  • Implemented Deal Information Modeling
  • First sales in Indiana and Washington

June 2018

  • Released TestFit Version 1.002 – “Lifts”
  • Drew up some real estate infographics
  • First conference booth at AEC Next
  • Won AEC Hackathon for “Scan Point”
  • First sales in Arizona and France

July 2018

  • Released TestFit Version 1.003 – “Unit Editor”
  • Presented TestFit at USC BIM BOP – Our first academic engagement!
  • First Sales in Maryland and Iowa

August 2018

  • Released TestFit Version 1.004 – “Dynamo”
  • Released Submit-A-Site – A SaaS solution for the test fit process
  • First company to publish an algorithm on Hypar
  • Posted our first job listing!
  • Submitted Generative Noise Abatement to NMHC
  • First Sales in North Carolina

September 2018

  • Working on a secret project to be released sometime in October
  • First BIM model built from TestFit geometry
  • First implementation of automatic free trials for TestFit
  • Accepted to Y Combinator Startup School

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