It’s time to make feasibility studies easier.

TestFit helps you make instant decisions on site feasibility. Leverage the power of automation to solve site plans faster, validate assumptions in real time, and eliminate wasted opportunity costs by all stakeholders on sites that don’t work.

Building configuration is the future

Input your parameters like unit size, building height, parking ratio & more, and TestFit will generate one optimal solution in seconds, that you can edit. Don’t like the first one? Cycle through additional options.

Building Configurators made for you

Design iteration on the fly.

Real estate developers, architects and more use TestFit to instantly iterate on designs for multifamily, hotel, parking, industrial and more.

Make the numbers work

As your design changes, so does your net income, hard costs & yield on cost. Make sure the deal works or modify your design accordingly.

Easily build generative parking facilities with TestFit

No more counting parking stalls

Solve parking in seconds with automatic tabulation of parking stalls and calculation of parking ratios.

intuitive editor for more hands-on modeling

Get your features

Whether it’s angled setbacks, new building typologies, or new integrations like Enscape, TestFit is always adding features led by client demand..

Full Training And Support

Our dedicated customer success team will help you in one-on-one sessions, and we have searchable resources including our Knowledge Base of help articles and get started videos.

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