Instant Quantity Takeoffs

Accelerate your pre-construction services with TestFit. Your developer wants to know what’s possible for a site. Figure out what’s realistic – fast. Get a building with real-time takeoffs in minutes, not weeks.

The quantities you need

TestFit provides square footage, facade takeoffs, interior vs interior square footage & more for you to estimate cost of a given project - fast.

Find your focus

Help your clients narrow the range of outcomes & make sure they are planning for building in a reasonable method. TestFit's preconstruction intelligence helps you understand how different building types can perform on a site.

Reduce your risk

Instead of looking at 1-2 site plans, evaluate multiple scenarios in minutes. Aside from comparing building typologies, you can also simulate construction materials such as wood vs concrete vs steel using customizeable Schemes.

Easy to learn

This isn’t a CAD tool; TestFit is data-driven. Input your constraints like unit mix, unit average size targets, setbacks, etc and get one building option - fast. One-on-one training is included and we’re happy to get up and running on real sites.

Share your vision

Export your quantity data like takeoffs to Excel to run your pricing models.

Talk with Sales

Reduce Risk. Increase Potential.