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Regulate Buildings with TestFit
Here’s the deal. You want to know if a prospective site is going to work for you –  fast. But you need a building to solve a deal; not just Excel.

Beyond the pro-forma

Validate your math on your chosen site using embedded GIS data both from financial and early-stage design standpoints. Draw your building on your site; it’s that simple.

Instant deal iteration

Own your data through to feasibility design. Change your unit mix, road layout, parking configurations & much more on the fly. All financials such as land, soft and hard costs, income and expenses & yield-on-cost update in real-time.

Reduce your risk

Instead of looking at one or two site plans, why not evaluate several scenarios with variables such as height, surface vs structured parking, retail base or not and see how these changes affect the finances of your deal? Have absolute certainty that your plan works for your bottom line and its marketability.

Easy to learn

This isn’t CAD or SketchUp; Testfit is data-driven. Input your constraints like unit mix, unit average size targets,setbacks, etc and get one building option - fast. One-on-one training is included and we’re happy to get up and running on real sites.

Share your vision

When it comes to early stage deals, you know what you want. Share your vision with financiers, city planners and other key stakeholders with TestFit.

Shorten feasibility studies from weeks to hours with TestFit and own your deal process from start to finish.

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