Rapid site evaluations

Your developer wants to know what’s possible for a site, and you need to evaluate it –  fast. With TestFit, civil engineers can get a building with real-time takeoffs in minutes, not weeks.

Evaluate sites - fast

Make decisions on prospective sites faster with TestFit’s powerful algorithms. TestFit accounts for different building designs & financial feasibility. Test your site using constraints like setbacks, easements and water retention.

The quantities you need

Get real-time quantity takeoff data on lot coverage area, parking stalls, and produce a test fit that works within your site’s constraints.

Export and analyze

Export quantity takeoffs into other software for in-depth analysis and rapid cost projections. TestFit allows for several methods of exporting data to your chosen analysis software, as well as Excel, AutoCAD, Revit, and more.

Add value

Help your clients ensure they are planning effectively and saving valuable time. Share design possibilities with your developer and figure out what’s realistic – fast. Configure buildings with real-time takeoffs in minutes, not weeks.

Help your clients – faster

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Evaluate sites faster with TestFit