Gain the Development Edge

100+ real estate developers, general contractors, and architects use our software to conduct feasibility studies and test fit sites for multifamily, hotel, modular, parking, and office development. Just one feasibility study can cost upwards of $50,000 in opportunity costs. TestFit is the essential tool you need to configure your buildings in seconds, and save time and money on projects.

Independent, Accurate, Time-Saving

As the world’s most powerful configurator, TestFit lets you easily generate structures with geolocation support, time of day shadows, and multisite management among other features. You will never have to draw another polyline to calculate areas or wait for a colleague to calculate NRSF.

TestFit Generative Building Designer

Urban Planning, Reimagined

Take a data-driven approach to urban planning and streamline the real estate deal evaluation process. With TestFit’s generative design software, you have all the tools you need to conduct feasibility studies and make decisions on deals instantly.

Run Simulations Using a Wide Assortment of Parameters

  • Geolocation and 3D context building
  • Scheme generation
  • Time of day shadow generation

Easily Swap Building Types

  • Custom building presets
  • Selection of unit categories
  • Custom kits for building configurations

Regulate Buildings

  • Custom zoning profiles
  • Instant reporting of zoning pass/fail
  • All key metrics

Build Generative Parking Facilities

  • Surface parking functionality
  • Adjustable parking features and stall functionality
  • Fill tool for non-rectangular garages

Export and Integrate Data

  • CSV exporter
  • Export to Sketchup
  • Dynamo/Revit integration
  • Export 3D views for PDF

Conduct Multisite Urban Planning

  • Multiple site support in the same plan
  • Cost/income parameters and tabulation
  • Street modelling and editing tools

Online Training

Want a personal touch? Ready for some real-time web-based training? Feel free to talk with our TestFit certified professionals.

In-Person Support

Feel free to fly one of our TestFit certified professionals to your area. New enterprise accounts can request this service at the time of purchase. Companies within driving distance of Dallas, Texas can request this at any time.