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Get started with TestFit

Watch the TestFit 101 video to see our workflow in action. Please note TestFit is intended to work top-left to bottom-left and then from left-to-right. Inputs are always on the left. Outputs are always on the right.

TestFit 101

Workflow Primer


Locate the Site

TestFit Step 1 - Locate the site


Draw some Roads

TestFit step 2 - Draw some roads


Define the site

TestFit Step 3 - Define the site


Place parking (if needed)

TestFit Step 4 - Place parking if needed


Find a good starting option
(if there are options available)

TestFit Step 5 - Find a good starting option for your building


Manual adjustments

TestFit step 6 - Make manual adjustments to optimize your building
Multifamily buildings designed in TestFit

TestFit Knowledge Base

Use the knowledge base if you would prefer to search for answers on your own. There are articles on account management, video tutorials, and TestFit features.