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New to TestFit? Follow our TestFit Crash Course below or check out our other resources like Knowledge Base that contains all of our help articles.

TestFit Crash Course

This short, 4-part crash course gets you up and running in TestFit in under an hour. Follow along as we introduce you to the basics of test fitting your site.

Step 1 - Set your presets

Learn how to select your site to test fit, select presets of building type, optimize your parking, and start to leverage International Building Code for high-and low-density buildings

Step 2 - Sites 101

Learn how to draw and play with both individual and multiple sites. Learn how to modify setbacks, balcony depth, tolerance etc. to influence building efficiency in terms of net rentable.

Step 3 - Compare sites

Compare sites and presets with schemes. Play with density presets, number of units, parking ration, dwelling units to acre etc. and how to filter and compare results.

Step 4 - Zoning and Building Inputs

Learn how to set zoning metrics including FAR (area of the building to the site that it sits on), unit count, min / max height etc., to your municipality’s zoning requirements.