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TestFit release 2.12: Lower Density Housing

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TestFit’s Lower Density Configurator

A New Site Type: Lower Density Housing

As we have continued to grow, our customer requests have grown as well. This new Lower Density Housing Configurator can handle townhomes, rowhouses, triplexes, and duplexes.

Starting today, TestFit can solve from 1 du/ac to 1000 du/ac.

Unit Editor Upgrades


  • Easily control the location and size of garages; or disable them completely
  • Set a custom stall count for site-wide parking ratio tabulations

Chamfered Bays


  • Since these dwelling units are multiple floors, stairs can be indicated
  • This feature works well to indicate large voids within these units

Multiple Level Units

  • Lower density units can be multiple floors!
  • Unit elements such as Bays and Stairs can be shared between multiple floors

Lower Density Housing Configurator


  • Kit-of-parts units are automatically placed site-wide
  • 3D concept massing is generated

House Front Setback

  • Adjust the distance from generated streets to the fronts of units

Row Gap Size I

  • Control the distance between clumps of buildings on the same road

Row Gap Size II

  • Control the distance between individual buildings on the same road

Back-to-Back Buffer

  • Control the distance between buildings on adjacent roads

Dynamic End-Cap Units

  • Enable these to get a tiny building efficiency bonus

Unit Attachments Default

  • We have added an example of unit attachments as a default unit database

Other Improvements

  • Added a copy/paste clipboard for unit editor.
  • Added a link to the knowledge base in the help menu.
  • Improved the responsiveness of various GUI interactions.
  • Improved mass placement in small sites.
  • Improved 2D rendering for multi-floor buildings.
  • Moved the default geographic location, slightly.

Bug Fixes & Reported Issues

  • Fixed a crash when entering manual mode for a wrap-podium site.
  • Fixed a rendering error when viewing manual mode.
  • Fixed a bug where corner units flexed regardless of the parameter value.
  • Fixed a crash when placing a parking lot in concave site boundaries.
  • Fixed floating point precision errors in the glTF export.
  • Fixed context menus closing when typing in a widget.
  • Fixed some issues with bay/balcony collisions in the unit editor.
  • Fixed some issues with mass placement orthogonalization.
  • Fixed a rendering error in the unit editor.

Metric Support

  • Fixed several issues with the conversion of sites into metric.
  • Fixed metes & bounds input.
  • Fixed the display of lengths in the unit editor.
  • Replaced acres with hectares in several locations.
  • Replaced NRSF with NSM when showing tabulations.
  • Switched the input length to millimeters in the image importer.

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