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TestFit release 1.1: Surface parking

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With this update, TestFit introduces TestFit Low Density– The most powerful configurator just got more powerful! TestFit release 1.1 includes tools to solve surface parking site plans, saved 3D views, tooltips and more.

February 2019 + March 2019 Update

Easily solve surface parking site plans!Surface Parked
Or simply solve surface parking!06 Surface Parking
Save three dimensional views!

We added helpful tool tips!Tool Tips



TestFit release 1.010 Details

* Added support for surface parked site plans

* Create, save, and move between 3D views

 * Improved the parking layouts for structured garages
 * Liner unit locations can now be customized
 * Sites can now be copied
 * Icons now have helpful tool-tips
 * Pan in 3D with left-click drag

Reported Issues
* Fixed a bug that kept some large courtyards from being divided.
* Fixed parking stall layout in single tray garages.
* Fixed a rare crash when placing units in corridors.
* Fixed a bug where building elements disappeared when entering manual mode.
* Fixed a bug where unit databases failed to load.
* Presets no longer overwrite custom garage and amenity placements.

 * Node updated to reflect changes in TestFit save files

A quick thanks to the ConTechCrew for hosting our CEO, Clifton Harness, on their podcast!

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