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Daniel Davis – CAD’s Boring Future and Why it’s Exciting

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Daniel Davis "The Fat Middle"

Another fascinating article from Daniel Davis on the increased use of complex tools like TestFit on what are relatively simple projects:

“[…]I think there is dignity in the ordinary.” writes Daniel. “Most of the built environment isn’t landmark projects with big budgets. It’s standard, inconspicuous projects that you don’t think twice about. This is where the opportunity lies – the fat middle of architecture1. These projects are incredibly challenging because there are so many financial constraints (you can’t afford to get too wild) and practical constraints (you can’t duplicate past work and expect it to work on a confined site). It’s a perfect problem for computational design. More and more, I think you’re going to see CAD turn its attention to this segment of architecture, shying away from the extraordinary in favor of making mundane buildings better.”

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