Win deals & work faster with TestFit

You need to know if a prospective site is going to work for you or your client –  fast. 

Shorten feasibility studies from weeks to hours with TestFit. With TestFit’s parametric building configurator technology, you can automate the tedious and spend your time where it counts.

Instant design iteration

Generate the massing of the building on the real site’s GIS data anywhere in the world with TestFit in seconds. Change your unit mix, road layout, parking configurations & much more on the fly. Use the power of TestFit to instantly test ideas in the feasibility phase.

Beyond the pro-forma

Validate the math on your chosen site using embedded GIS data both from financial and early-stage design standpoints. Draw the building on the site; it’s that simple. All financials such as land, soft and hard costs, income and expenses & yield-on-cost update in real-time.

Algorithms > AI

You don’t need a black box that spits out 10-20 options. You need one that fits your constraints, that you can edit. Using TestFit’s proprietary algorithms and your institutional knowledge driving our co-creation tools, you'll get results you’re comfortable taking to stakeholders in hours, not weeks.

Made for the USA

TestFit is built for the USA. We’re fully IBC-compliant with pass/fail code compliance. Our ever-growing list of building types includes donut, gurban, hotel, podium, podium fill, podium hotel, tower, surface parking, garden & more.

Trusted by architects and developers alike

As computational design experts with architectural and development backgrounds, we’re trusted equally by developers and architects. We’re committed to bringing both parties closer together to speed up the feasibility phase so you can win deals and work faster.

Shorten feasibility studies from weeks to hours with TestFit.

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