Reduce Risk. Increase Potential.

TestFit’s real estate feasibility platform makes it easy to do site planning. Our outcome-based configurators allow for quick concept iterations to help you maximize site potential and kill bad deals faster.

Find Your Focus, Fast

Don't spend months testing out different ideas for the wrong site. With TestFit, you can vet out sites for housing and industrial projects faster. Feasibility in minutes. Not months.

Maximize Project Potential

Every piece of land deserves its best chance. TestFit helps you optimize for the best result for each site. Find the right parcel mix, parking layout, unit mix...that gets you the best cost outcome.

Instant Iterations with Precision

Instantly generate a design with our real-time AI, providing insights on design, constructability, and cost. Test your ideas to optimize unit mix and yield—all with confidence knowing TestFit has the accurate numbers to validate your vision.

Seamless Integrations

Feasibility is first but you don’t have to start over in your next design phase. You can export to SketchUp, AutoCAD(dxf), or use our direct plug-in within Revit, so you can start designing and documenting in no time.

Supported Typologies

- High Density Apartments

- Garden Apartments

- Single Family

- Industrial Warehouse

- Mixed Use

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