TestFit for Hotels

Supercharge Hotel Planning with The World’s Most Powerful Building Configurator

Back in early May of 2020 we completed the first iteration of the TestFit for Hotels product. Unfortunately this was the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With hotel chains seeing 5% occupancy, we thought it would be tone-deaf to market this powerful software for hotels.

In the early months of 2021, we have seen a major uptick in interest in TestFit for Hotels. We hope this is a sign of a market demand to roar back into action, and we are here to assist!


Instantly site a hotel deal from individual parcels, or create an assemblage from multiple parcels

3D Context Information

Understand the local context information instantaneously with adjacent buildings

Shorten feasibility studies from weeks to hours with TestFit and own your deal process from start to finish.

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Native Setback Handling

Whether it is a simple setback or an angled proximity slope, TestFit has it covered and is pushing the envelope for zoning compliance.

Plug In Custom Keys

Users can easily input flag-specific prototypical design information, and see it in plan, in real-time.

Easily Adjust Mix Percentages

TestFit's core technology, based in the multifamily industry, natively handles unit mix solving. All you need to do as a user is plug in the desired mix.

Add and Adjust Non-Key Spaces

Hotels aren't just keys. They have a significant amount of additional program. The TestFit Spaces feature enables users to add these kinds of elements to the deal.

Easily Create and View Multiple Scenarios

TestFit is a building configurator, or put more simply, a what-if analysis tool for buildings. In this image, solving with all of the same inputs, TestFit found at least 24 schemes that are meaningfully different based solely on massing.

Data Export

A significant number of TestFit customers are Architects, who have requested data interoperability with Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD. To that end we support Dynamo nodes to generate real BIM data within the Revit environment, and DXF export for AutoCAD. We have a team on staff to help firms get up and running with TestFit to Revit.

TestFit also supports direct export to PDF, Sketchup, and Excel for the tabulation information.

Data Privacy

TestFit is built from the ground-up to be a local-information only desktop tool. Our company has no idea what kind of deals you are looking at, and we don't collect information about the sites our customers are looking at. The only information we collect is 100% voluntarily given to us. We cannot profit off of your data, nor do we want to.

From parcels to test fits in seconds