TestFit for urban redevelopment

How The Geyser Group iterated on site plans for the 19-acre St. John site

Specific RFP requirements

The RFP for the 19-acre St John site had multiple facets that required intense manipulation of the designs to get the best possible yield, both in terms of units, affordable housing, and sizeable greenspace.

Site challenges

This case study delves into how The Geyser Group & team optioneered against the specific constraints of the site, including an interstate highway, access issues, water detention, demolition / reuse & compatibility requirements such as building height graduation.

Discover the process

Learn how the designing teams used an iterative design process with TestFit to bring their vision to life, while achieving the unit counts required to accommodate both affordable housing requirements, and respecting height limitations. 

Learn how The Geyser Group successfully optioneered with TestFit

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From parcels to test fits in seconds