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Working with Fill-Type Garages

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Garage lined with housing units aka Donut Fill

What is a Fill-Type Garage?

Simply put? Fill a site with parking in an irregular fashion. TestFit handles three major fill-type garage scenarios with parking: The Podium Fill; The Donut; and The Donut + Wrap. Sounds pretty appetizing, right?

The Podium Fill

Fill the site with parking, put building on top of it. To achieve this, simply select “podium fill” on the preset panel.

podium fill parking in TestFit
Site with garage parking and building on top

The Texas Donut

Fill the entire site with parking, but line the garage with housing units. Affectionately called the “Texas Donut”. In TestFit, simply select “donut” on the presets panel.

Garage lined with housing units aka Donut Fill
parking surrounded by housing units in TestFit

The Filled Donut + Wrap

Sometimes a site has a weird shape, and the garage is used to regularize that shape. This is less easy to achieve in TestFit, but still achievable.

Step One: Select donut from the preset panel

Step Two: Slide a setback to shrink the garage footprint

Step Three: Set building wrap levels to 5

Step Four: “Explode” the model to manual mode

Step Five: Reset the setbacks

Step Six: Manually add building mass

Step Seven: Solve by toggling out of manual mode

Regularize an odd site shape with the garage and TestFit's Donut Fill

Here is a swift comparison, with two “Donut Fill + Wrap” options:

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