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Embracing a data-driven approach to smart urban planning, TestFit removes barriers in the adoption of generative design to expedite and exceed market expectations.

Harnessing the concept of co-creation, TestFit combines user knowledge with the power of proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms into the first multifamily prototyping solution using generative design that produces results in seconds.

Proudly built in Dallas, TX.

TestFit’s Leadership

Clifton Harness

CEO & Co-founder

Clifton has been obsessed with building things—even from a very early age. While obtaining his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, he was the first B.Arch to obtain certifications from the McCombs School of Business in Business and in Real Estate. After graduation, Clifton joined Streetlights Residential—a Dallas-based Real Estate development company.

Prior to starting TestFit, Clifton worked with college roommate Ryan Griege after work and on weekends. This work would become Residential Engine, the pre-cursor to TestFit. Clifton lives in Dallas with his wife, Annalise, and golden doodle, Brinkley.

Ryan Griege

CTO & Co-founder

Ryan has been writing code and making games since he was given his first TI-84 graphing calculator in junior high.

In early 2016, he was pulled kicking and screaming out of his comfy game development career into the tumultuous world of startups, architecture, and real estate. After many long years of tutelage by his Co-Founder Clifton, he has finally learned the difference between 1- and 2-bedroom apartment units.

When not staring blankly at a whiteboard filled with mysterious shapes and strange mathematical symbols, Ryan likes to rant against modern web-based software, play virtual soccer with rocket-powered cars, teach others the One True Way of programming, and read books in their physical form as it should be done.

Jesse Coors-Blankenship

Parkway Venture Capital

If there is a business trajectory that technology start-up founders could hope to emulate, Jesse’s is it: Esteemed university researcher and professor, to visionary engineer, turned successful entrepreneur, into committed chief executive to experienced venture capitalist.

Following a strong academic track record as a researcher and professor at Columbia University, Jesse turned to entrepreneurship in 2013 when he founded Frustum Inc., developing from the ground up a patented core AI technology that automates the design of engineered products. Just five years later, Jesse successfully negotiated the sale of the company to PTC, an acquisition that PTC CEO James E. Heppelmann described as driving PTC “to a leading position in the worlds of design and simulation.”  Jesse has also been recognized as Columbia University Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019.

Gregg Hill

Parkway Venture Capital

Co-founder of H&S Capital, a technology-focused investment company; CEO of Hill Gray Seven LLC, a commercial real estate development firm; Partner of DaVita Inc., a FORTUNE 500® healthcare provider; and Director at Frustum Inc., acquired by PTC, Inc. First-time entrepreneurs and seasoned innovators, alike, seek out Gregg for his attitude, experience, wisdom, connections, drive and ability to add value as an investor.

Following his career as a junior tennis phenom, Gregg turned to the world of business, where he has leveraged his strengths in understanding other people’s abilities and identifying opportunities in order to thrive as a successful entrepreneur, developer, operator and CEO for the past twenty years. A member of The Young Presidents Organization Orlando and Southeast US Regional Chapter, Gregg has also been recognized in Orlando Business Journal’s 40 under 40 in 2014. 


TestFit is all about tackling challenging design problems in the real estate development, construction, and architecture industries. Our product is a desktop application that designs buildings in seconds. Based in Dallas, we are looking to improve our current offerings and expand into new markets.

TestFit is always looking for smart and talented people. We do not have any openings right now but technology is always evolving and our needs may change quickly so send us your resume or CV.

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