About TestFit

Embracing a data-driven approach to smart urban planning, TestFit makes feasibility studies more efficient.

TestFit mixes user knowledge via co-creation with the power of proprietary algorithms into the first multifamily prototyping solution that produces results in seconds.

Proudly built in Dallas, TX.

TestFit’s Team

Clifton Harness

CEO & Co-founder

Clifton Harness loves to build – buildings & now companies. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B. Arch. Soon after joining a real estate development company, Clifton started working with college roommate Ryan Griege after-hours to innovate deal processes. This work grew into TestFit.

Clifton lives in Dallas with his bride Annalise, baby Savannah and dapper golden doodle, Brinkley.

Ryan Griege

CTO & Co-founder

Ryan has been writing code and making games since he was given his first TI-84 graphing calculator in junior high.

In early 2016, he was pulled kicking and screaming out of his comfy game development career into the tumultuous world of startups, architecture, and real estate.  When not staring blankly at a whiteboard filled with mysterious shapes and strange mathematical symbols, Ryan likes to rant against modern web-based software and read books in their physical form.

Kyle Bernhardt

Chief Revenue Officer

Kyle has spent his career at the intersection of software and AEC, exploring how technology can enable better outcomes.  Working on one of the largest BIM platforms in the world, helping to migrate its collaboration to the cloud, and driving the business strategy in the building design segment, Kyle brings a wealth of experience to TestFit and our clients.

Kyle hails from Boston and enjoys the wonderful chaos of his family life with his wife and 3 kids.  He likes to recharge his batteries via hot yoga, singletrack trails on his bike, or on the frozen slopes on his skis. 

Caroline Bauer

Caroline aka Queen of Hubspot is a woman you definitely want to have in your corner. From a 4-man band to a seed-round backed venture, she’s organized trade shows, helped countless clients, and makes sure we all get paid. Caroline lives in Fort Worth with her husband Austin & daughter Rosalie, and is engaged in active war with her wild front yard.

Ben Tremblay

Ben is awesome and Canadian.  After graduating from University of the Fraser Valley with a BSc in Mathematics & Computer Science, Ben decided to move from theoretical math to applying it practically in software. A quick study and a core part of the development team, whose biceps are as good as his code. 

João Silva

João Silva

João has the honor of being the next programmer Ryan trusted to work on the software. João enjoys blowing our minds with the “little something” he has built from his hillside fortress in Portugal.

Matthew Kendall

Matthew Kendall a B. Arch & Masters from Texas Tech University. Matthew was 5+ years into his architecture career when he came across TestFit. Now Matthew channels that energy & passion with potential, new and existing TestFit clients in demos and trainings. He has a cool cat in Dallas and loves cooking steaks.

Nat MacDonald, PE

Nat MacDonald is a professional engineer on a mission to impact more buildings and help more people by jumping over from engineering practice to the dark world of disruptive startups. When not scoping out awesome integration partners and new building typologies / markets, Nat enjoys making memes from his cabin the the woods, USA. 

Jack Joers

Jack Joers has a BA from the University of Kansas and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois in Chicago. After several years in planning at a large real estate development firm, he decided to share his passion for TestFit with the world. When he’s not getting new prospects pumped about TestFit, he’s hang gliding and / or contemplating the next city to live in. 

Alexine Gordon-Stewart

While educated as a horse dentist in Britain, Alexine has been helping to scale AECO startups for the better part of a decade. With a passion for startups and early-phase category definition, she fancies herself a bit of writer when she’s not writing in 280 characters or less on Twitter. She lives in Montreal in Canadia with her husband, 2 active kiddos, 2 cats, 2 fish & 1 adopted horse. 

Shannon Qin

After a decade of twists and turns through architecture school, traditional design firms, and technology-based construction companies, Shannon discovered her passion in the intersection of product strategy and execution, and user empathy and understanding. Shannon is dedicated to designing TestFit’s features and processes in a way that focuses on intuitive and relevant usability.

When not noodling through design mockups, she’s looking for the next rock climb to tackle and loves being outside. Shannon lives in Seattle with her husband, son, and menagerie.

Stephen Archer

While Stephen is new to the world of architecture and real estate development personally, he’s grown up amongst it! Stephen recently joined our sales team to introduce TestFit to more folks. He is also a big fan of zombie movies. 

Luke Minnich, PE

Luke trained as a Civil Engineer, with a BSc from Penn State, followed by an MSc From Virginia Tech. After a few years as a practicing engineer in Seattle, he switched over to the software side with Katerra & SDS/2. Luke first met the team at a hackathon and is happy to “join the scrappy organization that’s leaving its mark on the face of generative design.”. Luke, and his dulcet tones that belong on a podcast, live in Seattle, where he enjoys cleaning up code & not his house. 

Stanislaw Wolf

Stanislaw Wolf

Stan Wolf has had a varied career in AEC. He started at traditional architecture firms and later transitioned to prefab building systems at Project Frog. He then worked in development for affordable housing in California. He joined TestFit to help others in the design and development worlds. Stan is living it up in Northern California with his wife, daughter, 2 cats, and many bikes. 


TestFit is always looking for smart and talented people to further develop our desktop-based software and help us expand our markets. We are currently actively recruiting for:

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

Senior SaaS Marketing Manager

Our technology is continually evolving and our needs change quickly, so send us your resume or CV, even if you don’t see the perfect job above.

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TestFit’s Investors

Jesse Coors-Blankenship - Parkway Venture Capital

Jesse Coors-Blankenship

Parkway Venture Capital

Following on from being  researcher & professor at Columbia University, Jesse turned to entrepreneurship in 2013 when he founded Frustum Inc., a patented core AI technology. Just 5 years later, Jesse successfully negotiated the sale of the company. Now a managing partner at Parkway Venture Capital, Jesse has also been recognized as Columbia University Entrepreneur of the Year.

Gregg Hill

Parkway Venture Capital

Co-founder of H&S Capital, a technology-focused investment company; CEO of Hill Gray Seven LLC, a commercial real estate development firm; Partner of DaVita Inc., a FORTUNE 500® healthcare provider; and Director at Frustum Inc., acquired by PTC, Inc. Gregg has leveraged his strengths in understanding other people’s abilities and identifying opportunities in order to thrive as a successful entrepreneur, developer, operator and CEO for the past twenty years.

Greg Hill

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