We’re reinventing the development process for the betterment of the world’s future communities.

TestFit was started to solve a simple problem: we hate counting.

One of our founders, Clifton Harness, was working at a development company when he got frustrated endlessly drawing apartment units and counting parking stalls. The effort it took to complete these mundane tasks was painstaking (and honestly, a waste of his time).

That’s where our other co-founder Ryan Griege comes in. Clifton reached out to his college roommate who was a software developer and asked if he could build a program to help him do his job faster.

TestFit Co-founder Clifton & Ryan photos

The first version of TestFit was a simple command-line utility to help Clifton solve apartment unit mixes. It wasn’t fancy. It didn’t even have a user interface, but it was designed to solve a real problem in the real world.

TestFit quickly grew as they automated other monotonous, error-prone steps in the deal process, like counting parking stalls, generating multiple design options, calculating the yield on cost…

What started as a tool for multi-family development also expanded into mixed-use, single-family, and industrial developments to help build better communities. Now TestFit has become a real estate feasibility platform with real-time insights on design, constructability, and cost for developers, architects, and general contractors.

We believe that everyone deserves quality communities. By creating automation that helps deal teams visualize various schemes and compare their design, constructability, and cost in seconds, we can optimize the feasibility process to build what the world needs, faster.

Our mission is to provide a platform to realize the full potential of land through trusted automation.​


Testfit is made up of people from all sorts of AEC backgrounds from architecture, to engineering, construction, urban planning, and more.

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