TestFit Trainings

Want to learn more about how to use TestFit? Join us for weekly scheduled trainings. If you’re looking for the basics or maybe looking to use a certain configuration – we can help! 

The TestFit UI

We will explore how to navigate TestFit's UI

Finding and defining your sites

Discover how to find your site, define your site from parcels, use the site polyline tool, cut your site, and add a background image.

Making the deal work

Learn how to understand & adjust deal information.

The devil's in the details

Learn how to adjust setbacks, dynamic & custom units, exploring different building types & start to understand the options manual mode provides.

Shorten feasibility studies from weeks to hours with TestFit.

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From Jan 3rd Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10am CT: Register now.

From parcels to test fits in seconds​