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Easily solve surface-parked site plans with TestFit

When we launched Residential Engine (TestFit’s predecessor) we had never imagined that we would have made it this far. It started as a way to solve some technical problems for site planners then blossomed into the most powerful building configurator software available on the market today.

Terminal App

The unit mix terminal application from November of 2015

Major Low Density Features

Since 60% of new units built today are surface-parked, we decided to work hard on a solid surface-parked algorithm. It solves parking ratios, and generates realistic solutions for the lower-density market.

Surface Parked

The major parameters for surface parked site plans include the following:

Parking stall parameters (width and depth)

02 Stall Widths

Drive aisle parameters

04 Drive Aisle Width

Turn radius parameter

05 Turn Radii

Maximum stall run parameter

03 Max Run

Internal green buffer parameter

01 Green Buffer

Just want a parking lot? No problem

06 Surface Parking

Other meaningful features

Saved Views


Helpful Tool Tips

Tool Tips

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