Fast, Flexible Urban Planning

You need to know if prospective sites will work –  fast. With TestFit you get lightning-fast iterative design plus real-time feasibility data like takeoffs, net rentable, parking ratios – so you can create multiple iterations in minutes, not weeks.

Hassle-free roads

All great urban plans start with a framework. From boundary roads and secondary roads, to lanes and alleys, TestFit lets you create and update roads instantly. Fine-tune your plan with custom street sections, parking, bike lanes and more.

Massing Mode

Get a better sense of space and the 3D context of a site, quickly sketch ideas, and validate assumptions in minutes. Create building volumes such as retail, housing and more with TestFit’s massing mode. Manual Mode allows you to further tweak those design details towards a truly perfect main plan.

Test and iterate

Move quickly through design iterations and get real-time results such as NRSF, quantity takeoffs, parking ratios and more of different building types to find the best mix to meet the needs of the neighborhood.

Share your vision

Share a compelling vision with developers, investors, the municipality,, and other key stakeholders. Present powerful visuals including renderings with Enscape and feasibility data at a glance. Feeling bold? You can even iterate on your designs in real-time live with key stakeholders early in the design process.

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