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Regulate Buildings with TestFit
Be ready for the competitive workplace by getting to know the tech that will set you apart. Feasibility studies are a double-edged sword; firms need them to win work, but it’s a challenge to get paid for said. With TestFit’s parametric building configurator technology, you can automate the boring (we see you, parking stall allocation) and spend your time where it counts.

The power of automation

Generate the massing of the building on the real site’s GIS data with TestFit. Build parking in seconds. Optimize your unit mix. Use the power of TestFit to instantly test ideas.

Mold your vision

Architects are visionaries, but it can be a struggle to get those visions out fast enough. Using TestFit’s co-creation tools, you can apply validating math to your napkin sketch. Spend more time crafting the vision and the design rather than counting parking stalls.

Make the deal work with real-time financials

Set yourself apart from the competition and give your developers the financials they need like yield on cost, building efficiency & more. You can even iterate live with them with real-time deal prototyping. When you’re working with developers live, they will be more interested in the vision knowing that the deal pencils.

Simple to use

TestFit is incredibly simple to use versus your bread-and-butter tools like AutoCAD and Revit. It’s built by designers for designers. Clients typically are up and running in a day, either learning themselves through our video tutorials or in one-to-one calls with our training team.

Export to design phase

Feasibility is first but don’t start over in your next step. Using testfits exports to sketchup, autocad(dxf), and revit (through dynamo) you can leap into action rather than duplicating work. Learn how to upload your predesigned units to speed up the process more with our kit-of-parts approach (add link to unique units).

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