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TestFit Housing Densities
You want to know if a prospective site is going to work for you –  fast. Numbers tell most of the story, but not all of it. Beyond Excel, you need a building to solve a deal and to present a vision.  Create your vision for your land in just a few clicks & get prospects excited about the possibilities

Create your vision

Selling the dream, at the early stage, is as valuable as a good return. Share your vision with financiers, city planners, and other key stakeholders with TestFit. If stakeholders get 10 RFP's a day the one with data-validated visuals will be examined first.

Beyond the numbers

TestFit leverages data-driven design along with early building data to solve deals. Starting with GIS geo data, to parametric-based building design through financial assumptions TestFit is your all-encompassing feasibility study tool.

Instant deal iteration

Own your data through to feasibility design. Change your unit mix, road layout, parking configurations & much more on the fly. All financials such as land, soft and hard costs, income and expenses & yield-on-cost update in real-time.

Explore the possibilities

One site has many possible uses and layouts. Each option comes with different interested parties. Use TestFit to compare all those options and each associated deal in real-time.

Easy to learn

This isn’t CAD or SketchUp; Testfit is data-driven. Input your data and get one building option - fast. One-on-one training is included and we’re happy to get up and running on real sites.

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