We need you.

Help us change the the world: one commodity building at a time.

The world needs more housing – fast. Here at TestFit, we help real estate developers, architects & more do that every day. We’re able to do that thanks to the human, flexible, and fun approach we take to the workplace. 

Flexible work

Flex your work day to suit your lifestyle. Parents welcome!

Be part of the magic

Change the industry with a successful product that has found product / market fit and is doubling down on its' success

Have a life outside of work

TestFit team members are treated how we would all want to be treated.

Enjoy your working life

Fun is embedded in our culture with gaming afternoons, monthly team lunches, and bi-annual retreats. Some days don't even feel like work!

Don't meet the job description?

Apply anyways. Attitude and a willingness to be part of our change-making matter more.

Training stipend

Want a certification? Done. To attend an event that will enhance your career? go for it.

Don’t see the perfect role?

Pitch yourself today!

From 😿 to 😹 in one career change