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TestFit release 2.2: Back to the Future

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New to TestFit release 2.2 is a time machine. Users are now able to go back in time…and then forward in time. Introducing undo / redo and other useful tools.

Undo / Redo

  • Hit ctrl+z to undo and ctrl+y to redo (amazing how we have gone this long without it!)

undo / redo in TestFit

3D Context Buildings

  • Click the building button, download existing 3D context buildings

download existing 3D context buildings TestFit

Bug Bash

  • Zoning rules and metrics stored per-site
  • Automatic Patching
  • Open Recent File Menu
  • Switched to Mapbox from Mapquest (sorry mapquest)
  • Fixed a case where bifurcated units ended up with different categories
  • Fixed a case where unit category changes were not being applied to the site
  • Fixed a crash when restoring from an autosave file
  • Fixed an error when using the Parts.ByBuilding Dynamo node with newer sites
  • Fixed 3D shadow rendering on older graphics cards
  • Fixed glTF exporter for plans with multiple sites
  • Fixed some incorrect facades near garages & amenities

Website Upgrades

  • Allow automated purchasing (no need to talk to TF staff to get setup)
  • Allow an administrator view for users
  • Allow administrators to grant and rescind licenses
  • Visual tweaks to

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