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AI as a Tool, Not a Miracle: 4 Leading AI Solutions for Preconstruction Problems

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Builtworlds AI Solution Feature

Tyler Sewall from Builtworlds writes:

What we have come to learn over the last decade or so is not that AI (at least as we currently know it) is going to flip the industry on its head, but rather that certain AI solutions, applied to specific problems and needs, can be valuable tools in a contractor’s tool belt. On a recent analyst call on the subject of Preconstruction, Stewart Carroll, President of Beck Technologies, joined by Clifton Harness, CEO & Founder of TestFit, both mused and agreed that the automation of low-value tasks is where the true value of AI exists. This, in fact, was the thesis behind TestFit, which began due to Clifton’s frustration with infinite iterations of parking lot space capacities. Thus was born an AI solution, which performs days-long tasks in a matter of seconds.

As AI has grown up over the last few years, the applications have increasingly grown and segmented, per Stewart and Clifton’s thoughts above. Now, as contractor’s are increasingly wary of the next cool, bleeding edge solution, technology and innovation managers seek to solve bite-sized, value-add problems that they have identified through planning and work with project teams. Buyers nowadays are not looking for ways to implement AI, but rather looking to solve specific problems potentially with solutions that utilize AI in some capacity.

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