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Join + TestFit Hackathon results

Quantify construction costs on multiple TestFit schemes with Join

The teams at TestFit and Join recently held a hackathon with one goal in mind: could we make accurate construction costs accessible to developers and design teams?

Our hypothesis is this: The process to get accurate construction costs often takes weeks. When you’re trying to solidify a deal – fast, wouldn’t it be helpful to have construction cost data when comparing design iterations?

Our solution: Plug a cost optioneering tool into a form generating tool.

Join makes construction costs actionable (aka all of what you need and none of what you don’t) to key stakeholders like owners, architects, general and trade contractors during preconstruction. Owners are demanding more transparency into costs earlier, and savvy GCs are differentiating themselves in their ability to provide that.

Projects: meet deals

Check out the video below to see the results of our Join + TestFit hackathon, with special thanks to our awesome devs Kevin Rakestraw & João Silva.

*This workflow is a hackathon prototype. If you’d like to use this for real, please fill out the form to the right & let us know.

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