TestFit release 2.2: Back to the Future

New to TestFit release 2.2 is a time machine. Users are now able to go back in time…and then forward in time. Introducing undo / redo and other useful tools.

Undo / Redo

  • Hit ctrl+z to undo and ctrl+y to redo (amazing how we have gone this long without it!)

undo / redo in TestFit

3D Context Buildings

  • Click the building button, download existing 3D context buildings

download existing 3D context buildings TestFit

Bug Bash

  • Zoning rules and metrics stored per-site
  • Automatic Patching
  • Open Recent File Menu
  • Switched to Mapbox from Mapquest (sorry mapquest)
  • Fixed a case where bifurcated units ended up with different categories
  • Fixed a case where unit category changes were not being applied to the site
  • Fixed a crash when restoring from an autosave file
  • Fixed an error when using the Parts.ByBuilding Dynamo node with newer sites
  • Fixed 3D shadow rendering on older graphics cards
  • Fixed glTF exporter for plans with multiple sites
  • Fixed some incorrect facades near garages & amenities

Website Upgrades

  • Allow automated purchasing (no need to talk to TF staff to get setup)
  • Allow an administrator view for users
  • Allow administrators to grant and rescind licenses
  • Visual tweaks to buildingforge.com

TestFit release 2.1: Zoning Profiles

Since the dawn of man, we’ve always had bureaucrats regulating our buildings. If we didn’t, surely they would be too tall, too big, or too dangerous to live in. In this update to TestFit, we provide a way to regulate our buildings with zoning.

Zoning Profiles

  • Manually create custom zoning profiles (oh joy!) and cycle through them

create custom zoning profiles

Instant reporting of zoning pass/fail

The Elevator

  • Easily navigate to different floors (no more clicking 25 times)

Easily navigate to different floors using TestFit's Elevator

Verticals Offsets

  • Adjust lift and stair placement off of corridors

Verticals offsets - Adjust lift and stair placement

Error Reporting

  • Added a panel to report solution errors (sorry, TestFit cannot be perfect…yet)

Error Reporting TestFit

Unit Combination Options

  • Slide your preference between mix % and unit average

unit combinations preferences: mix % and unit average

Additional Custom Colors

  • Customize every non-unit color

Customize Colors TestFit

GLTF Export

GLTF export TestFit

Bug Bash

  •  Fix missing common area
  •  Facade fixes
  •  Fix some balconies into setback bugs
  •  Fix units drifting off common in long corridors
  •  Fix crash when manually dragging garage corner
  •  Fix garage placement failure in orthogonal sites
  •  Lowered minimum per unit bath count to 0 (student housing)
  •  Fix some overlapping units near dead ends
  •  Fix underlay scale when switching measure systems
  •  Fix boundary drawing with multiple schemes
  •  Handle larger sites more effectively
  •  Fix boundary + amenity dragging issues
  •  Allow camera zoom/pan while hovering units
  •  Fix lift area in csv exporter
  •  Fixes to manual mode mass creation
  •  Fix ‘Save As’ also overwriting current file
  •  Calculate height above ground, not total structure
  •  Mirrored units are now saved
  •  Metes & Bounds now more accurately supports minutes and seconds
  •  Fix some un-joined parking solutions
  •  Correctly load user created presets
  •  Fix image loader menu bar missing text
  •  Rotate sites around center, not first boundary vtx

TestFit release 2.0: Building Configurator

This month’s update brings a massive overhaul to TestFit. We have spent the last five months working towards a mega update that addresses over 18 months of feedback from customers and truly makes TestFit the building configurator.

June 2019

The Kit of Parts

  • Manually create custom kit of parts from existing unit plans; the unit editor feature is now fully integrated with TestFit.

01 - unit editor

  • Quickly swap between different kits

02 - swap databases

  • Use geometrically explicit modules to solve hotels

03 - hotel

Co-Creation Features

  • Manual adjustment of stairs and elevators

04 - move verticals

  • Manual adjustment of unit locations

05 - slide units

  • Manually mirror units

06 - mirror units

Dynamically Generated Kit of Parts

  • Automatically generate a kit of parts from user preferences

Automatically generate a kit of parts from user preferences

  • Globally adjust inside corner unit settings

adjust inside corner unit settings site plan

  • Solve for a target unit average with a perfect set of units

target unit average TestFit

Additional Unit Categories

  • Support up to 16 different categories

test fit unit categories

  • Globally tabulate several different category types

tabulate different unit category types TestFit

Additional Corner and Corridor Configurations

  • Remove outside corner units to allow corridors to penetrate to facade

outside corner units

  • Add end of corridor units to increase building efficiency

end of corridor units site plan

  • Remove inside corner units and verticals to simulate cores on inside corners

cores inside corners test fit

The Building Configurator Panel

  • Compact GUI panel allows for quick selection of desired configuration

building configurator panel to calculate desired configuration

Additional Unit Features

  • Entries (units) can be placed and customized

entries site plan

  • Balconies can be inset, or partially inset

17 - inset balconies

  • Site plans can be solved with bays

site plans bays

  • Balconies now support shallow juliets

 shallow juliet balconies plan

Orthogonal Snapping

  • Manual mode now supports ortho-snaps

Manual mode now supports orthogonal snaps