TestFit release 2.11 & Office Beta

TestFit for Office Beta

Head over to www.testfit.io/office to check out the office beta. It is a small web application – our first!

Lease Depth Parameter

Easily control the desired lease depth; the core will automatically update to fit.

Floor Load Parameter

Easily generate compliant cores by adjusting the desired floor load or occupancy.

TestFit Commercial Bathrooms

Building code inspired commercial bathroom configurator with fixture ratios

All of the office beta features are available online at www.testfit.io/office. In due course the office features will be integrated into TestFit, but as of today they are separate.

TestFit release 2.11

New to TestFit 2.11 are a myriad of squished bugs, performance upgrades, and UX tweaks. This update is light on features, but focused on stability.

Specific Length Input

  • Property line tool is now easier to control
  • All drawing tools get this upgrade

Image Files

  • Image file underlays can be attached to rsd files
  • Unit Attachments can now be saved to unit databases
  • This makes sharing TestFit content significantly easier

GUI Upgrade

  • This much-needed update to the GUI panel adds tabs
  • Significantly less scrolling to get to meaningful parameters


  • Deal model calculations now use gross revenue instead of net revenue.
  • Added a right click context menu for amenity spaces.
  • Added a right click option to duplicate units in the unit editor.
  • Added a recent color list to the color picker.
  • Added a marker at the plan origin.
  • Reduced the frequency of short dead end corridors.
  • Dynamic unit depth changes now affect the core depth.
  • Restored manual creation of buildings on top of surface parking.

Reported Issues & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when exporting geometry to Dynamo.
  • Fixed amenity spaces inside buildings for gurban sites.
  • Fixed a crash when aligning parking column buffers.
  • Fixed non-orthographic massing in metric mode.
  • Fixed missing stairs in small buildings.
  • Fixed missing footprint elements for some sites.
  • Clarified the warning text when closing the application with unsaved changes.

Other News

WATG’s Summer Hack with TestFit

TestFit Inc CEO Clifton Harness will be a Presenter at Thornton Tomasetti’s AEC Tech 2020

TestFit release 2.10: Structured Spaces

New to TestFit release 2.10: “spaces in the garage”, unit attachments, automatic ramp routing, column buffering, and parapets.

In today’s update we release Structured Spaces or “spaces in the garage”. This feature has the distinction for being, one, almost universally requested, and two, requiring nearly a year of work (1/3 the lifetime of TestFit) to build. It will drastically change how almost all buildings are generated and interacted with. Check it out below.

Structured Spaces aka “Spaces In the Garage”

spaces in the garage

Unit Attachments

  • Enables unit databases to have attached unit plans
  • Gives a great sense of scale for TestFit generated buildings

unit linework

Automatic Ramp Routing

  • This much-needed update to ramps will work to reduce the footprint of the ramp
  • The algorithm attempts to mitigate generating dead-end parking scenarios

automatic garage ramping

Column Buffering

  • Places a buffer every x number of stalls
  • The buffer size is configurable

column buffering


  • Places a wall along the perimeter of the roof
  • Increases accuracy for facade takeoffs

small upgrade

Change Parking Lot Orientation

This feature allows users to change the orientation of surface parking stalls with one click

Change parking lot orientation

Additional Details

  • 2D to 3D scene transitions can be enabled in the preferences menu.
  • Improved application responsiveness when returning from an idle state.
  • Invalid massing options are less likely to cause solver blackout.

Reported Issues

  • Fixed Sketchup Exporter
  • Fixed Mapbox Integration

Bug Fixes

  • Removed void spaces from PDF tabulation.
  • Fixed excessive mass deletion in manual mode.
  • Fixed unitless sites not showing an estimated unit count.
  • Fixed a crash when setting all unit weights to 0.
  • Fixed a crash when removing the garage from a wrap with manual geometry.
  • Fixed the measurement units in the glTF exporter.
  • Fixed the 3D colors toggle not persisting between sessions.

TestFit release 2.9: Optimize Hotels + Modular

New to TestFit release 2.9: optimize hotels, orthographic, and modular buildings for test fits.

Since TestFit launched in late 2017, it has generated tens of thousands of apartment buildings and millions of apartment units. With the launch of the unit database feature a year ago, much of our feedback from customers has been around tastefully automating other building types. This update includes a major milestone for TestFit. We are shipping a non-multifamily product for the first time: hotels. We hope our users like it.

Orthographic Massing

  • Enabling orthographic massing will force TestFit buildings to be 100% orthogonal
  • It is no longer necessary to only use manual mode to do this

orthographic mode

Rainbow Road

  • Road, lane, buffer, and sidewalk colors can now be defined by users

Road Colors

  • Bus lanes generate a separate lane type for intersections

Modular Parameters

  • TestFit now has the ability to generate units within modular constraints

flex module width

Optimize Hotels

  • TestFit now tabulates keys to optimize hotels

units to keys

  • Right click to change unit types of the same module size

flip units


Combine Cores

  • Cores can be moved, edited, and mirrored

Moving and Mirror Cores

  • Cores can even be moved into inside corners

Move Cores IC 2

Depth Clumping

  • Units, modules, and keys of similar depth will clump together automatically

depth clumping

Additional Details

  • Units can wrap around some unused core space
  • Improved the spacing between automatically-placed stairs
  • Visually distinguish custom presets from default presets in selection menus
  • Input boxes support text selection & copying
  • Reduce corridor cut-outs inside spaces

Reported Issues

  • Fixed UI scaling in the PDF export window for high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed UI scaling in the elevator panel for high DPI monitors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed void spaces cutting away facade lines on all levels of the building.
  • Setback geometry correctly updates when changing the global setback value.
  • Setback geometry correctly updates when toggling dynamic balconies.
  • Fixed a case of corridors extending outside of the site boundary.
  • Fixed an issue when using structured-fill garages in concave sites.
  • Fixed an issue loading recently created custom presets.
  • Fixed an issue that resolved sites when roads were drawn outside of the property line.
  • Fixed an insane amount of facade generation bugs