Architosh – Architecture Needs a Better User Experience

“Could the field of architecture offer a different kind of experience for clients?’s founder, a trained architect himself believes so. technology is enabling architects to get paid for work they use to give away for free. And the good news is architecture can get better and architects can be more valued.”

Discover more on how TestFit is looking to revolutionize commodity architecture in this exclusive interview with Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP in Architosh.

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AEC Magazine – Optimized building modelling

Martyn Day, author at AEC Magazine, recently selected TestFit CEO Clifton Harness to interview.

“CAD never really delivered on it’s promise of computer aid. The areas that every developer has focused on is feasibility and concept design; it’s at this point that fundamental errors can be made and the problem of solving multiple variables is most raw.

There are many formative tools in the space already. This is probably hardly surprising given the conceptual phase as being the most overlooked in the workflow. Massing rectangles in a BIM tool was never much of a upgrade from pen and paper.

Wading through this market, one company that has stood out to us is, based in Texas and headed up by Clifton Harness. As a straight-talking architect, Harness is building on his vision of a lightning-fast tool that offers a wide range of capabilities to prototype building, site and urban configurations based on real-world variables, solving geometry based on competing variables and constraints such as building codes.”

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The Revit Kid: Architects Developers & BIM – Test fitting with TestFit

Jeff Pinheiro, AIA aka The Revit Kid and host of BIM After Dark, recently welcomed TestFit CEO Clifton Harness and Director of MEP Engineering Nat MacDonald, PE onto YouTube Live. If you missed it, we’ve got the recording for you below. 

We’re talking about the meaningful creation of space, the negative first reaction of many architects (including Clifton’s!) to generative design and Nat puts Dynamo through its’ paces brining TestFit through to Revit.

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