Evolve Lab Live – Bill Allen Interviews Clifton Harness

Evolve Lab podcast

Bill Allen, CEO of EvolveLab recently hosted Clifton Harness on Evolve Lab Live. After reminiscing over the “before” times (we scooted ahead over that part for you), we’re discussing deep things like what is the meaning of architecture, and how TestFit aims to solve commodity design. With of course, some of our origin story and how we are working fully remotely with a distributed workforce. Check it out:

Revit Pure – 9 steps for architects to create a feasibility study

New to TestFit? So was Nicolas Catellier. Discover how architects can get up and running creating feasibility studies with TestFit with this blog post from Revit Pure: 9 steps to generate a feasibility study using TestFit.

May also feature SIM City comparisons, and existential questions like “Quite amazing, eh? Using TestFit really made me ponder about the future of architecture. Architects can now be developers? Or developers can now be architects? The future of AEC is wild.”

9 steps to generate a feasibility study