The Art of Construction 223: The Ultimate Building Configurator

The Art of Construction - Clifton Harness

Devon Tilly and Matt McMullen recently invited TestFit CEO Clifton Harness onto the Art of Construction, talking about creating meaningful spaces to live in, in commodity buildings. 

Matt McMullen shares his experiences using TestFit on projects, we discuss our awesome, varied clients and their feedback, and how architects can use TestFit to reduce risk for their clients. We’re talking gamification and real-time solving sites, how to figure out if you have a real project or not, and chicken fatherhood. Check it out:

*Updated to add – we have released mass-based buildings since this podcast was recorded*

How it started, how it’s going – TRXL with Clifton Harness & Ian Keough

Evan Troxel recently re-invited TestFit CEO Clifton Harness and Hypar CEO  Ian Keough onto TRXL in the spirit of the classic meme, How it started / How it’s going, one year after talking to them. 

We’re getting beyond the promise of generative design into practical applications provided by TestFit and Hypar & in-house computational design alongside software. And a LOT into the nitty gritty of successful startups, from finding product / market fit, how to let go as a founder, and the unsexy parts of startups that make it work, but is seldom seen. 

Evolve Lab Live – Bill Allen Interviews Clifton Harness

Evolve Lab podcast

Bill Allen, CEO of EvolveLab recently hosted Clifton Harness on Evolve Lab Live. After reminiscing over the “before” times (we scooted ahead over that part for you), we’re discussing deep things like what is the meaning of architecture, and how TestFit aims to solve commodity design. With of course, some of our origin story and how we are working fully remotely with a distributed workforce. Check it out: