Architect Magazine – TestFit Completes Integration with Enscape

TestFit, the software for determining the feasibility of a given building design, today announced the completion of their integration with Enscape, a powerful real-time visualization software.

The upcoming integration will bring the exceptional visualization users expect from Enscape to commodity buildings such as apartments, offices, hotels, industrial buildings and parking structures, during the feasibility phase. This includes improved visualization of the buildings surrounding the chosen site, adjusting meteorological conditions, the automatic allocation of assets such as cars & trees, and more.

Practice Disrupted 49 with Evelyn Lee and Je’Nen Chastain

Practice Disrupted

Evelyn Lee, FAIA, Senior Experience Designer at Slack Technologies & Je’Nen Chastain, MBA, Assoc. AIA, Founder at Apostrophe Consulting, recently welcomed Clifton Harness onto the Practice Disrupted podcast

Clifton shares some of his early architectural experience on amazing projects but the disastrous process in behind those great projects. He had a strong ambition to become the Bjarke Ingels of commodity buildings and actually did some of his internship in a real estate development to see what clients wanted.

We’re discussing systems thinking and how that translated into TestFit – especially with regards to unit plans. TestFit’s giving trustworthy design intelligence to designers to get the best result and highest quality possible in the minimum amount of time. Solve the deal first, then work on a sense of place once it’s green lit. Enjoy the fluid conversation and a touching moment or two (like how TestFit feels like an architecture studio sometimes!):