Q+A: TestFit CEO Clifton Harness Has Some Reservations About His Successful Generative Design Tool

Wanda Lau from Architect Magazine recently interviewed TestFit co-founders Clifton Harness and Ryan Griege. We’re covering why TestFit exists, how it works [how those algorthmic decision are made] & why TestFit was built from the ground up [instead of on Dynamo or Grasshopper].

We also tackle such existential questions such as why architects can be more competitive with TestFit, rather than the role of architects disappearing. Check it out!

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TestFit seed funding secured to the tune of $2M from Parkway Venture Capital

Parkway Venture Capital LLC has invested $2M in TestFit seed funding. Experts in real-time feasibility studies, The Dallas-based startup plans to expand its multifamily housing cusoter base into architectural, real estate developer and general contractor markets.

Spearheading the seed round is patent-holding AI evangelist Jesse Coors-Blankenship, who refined his industrial engineering chops at Autodesk, and later at his own generative design startup Frustum, which was acquired by industrial innovation leader PTC for $70 million in 2018. 

“Our backing gives TestFit the opportunity to further invest in its technology and to make TestFit the industry standard in generative design software as a service for architecture.” shares Coors-Blankenship. To read the full coverage on Markets Insider, click below. 

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