BIM Thoughts E2015 – Just say no to multiple design options

Bill Debevc, Dana De Felippi, and Carl Storms recently welcomed TestFit CEO Clifton Harness onto the BIM Thoughts podcast. We’re discussing building technology during COVID-19.  Making design easier than just BIM (we see you counting parking stalls) and why TestFit is “BIMesque” with highest level parametric building assemblies but without generating a whole database.

The evolution of BIM is turning into Revit a documentation tool and other tools for design. Why people want their software generating one solution instead of multiple design options. And why TestFit is so faaast. Check it out:

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Q+A: TestFit CEO Clifton Harness Has Some Reservations About His Successful Generative Design Tool

Wanda Lau from Architect Magazine recently interviewed TestFit co-founders Clifton Harness and Ryan Griege. We’re covering why TestFit exists, how it works [how those algorthmic decision are made] & why TestFit was built from the ground up [instead of on Dynamo or Grasshopper].

We also tackle such existential questions such as why architects can be more competitive with TestFit, rather than the role of architects disappearing. Check it out!

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