Digital technology is on the brink of changing the design process

BIM and visualisation technologies have become common practice in architecture, but Design Tech has argued in the past that they have slowly augmented current design services and business models rather than fundamentally changing the design process.

DesignTech researched leading technologies that are improving productivity and using predictive modeling to lower barriers to design. Discover why TestFit and 9 other technologies were selected in this seminal review by Dark Matter Laboratories, Open Systems Lab, and the Center for Spatial Techer.

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LAST METER TALKS #3 – Computational optimization of architecture

TestFit CEO Clifton Harness recently joined John Manoochehri from BASE2 and André Agi from Link Arkitektur / Data Trees on Last Meter Talks. They’re discussing the computational optimization of architecture from a close-up perspective – the tools we are building, the tools we are not, what is going on out there, and what’s next.

Fair warning – they said they would open the can of worms – after 90 minutes it felt more like they just shook the can and peered at the worms. So listen now for some entertaining worm-gazing .

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WATG Summer Hack – Urban planning automation

WATG recently hosted a quarantine-friendly virtual “Summer Hack” where employees had one hour to test the latest TestFit features and report back their lessons learned.

Aside from giving the team hands on experience with urban planning automations, the hackathon really won some hearts and minds over the value of automation & cocreation tools. 

“I was morally opposed to automation programs like TestFit before this Summer Hack, but I learned that it’s a great tool to quantify data to use as a basis for design,” says Tiffany Lee, Operations Director of WATG Honolulu.

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