AI in AEC Updates, 2022

AECBytes recently covered a follow-up on “AI in AEC: An Introduction.”

“While most of that article was devoted to discussing the technology underlying AI and its broader implementation, it did highlight the three AEC-specific commercially available applications I had found up until then that were using AI: BASIS, a project planning tool that had just been acquired by InEight; BricsCAD BIM, a BIM application that was using AI for automatic element classification; and OpenSpace, a construction progress tracking tool that was using AI to automatically stitch together photos and videos of the construction site.”

“Three years down the road, how far have we come? That is why I set out to investigate, and my findings are captured in this article. It looks at the application of AI in tools across each of the three main processes in AEC: Design, Construction, and Operations/FM.”

The Construction Broadsheet – TestFit introduces industrial project planning configurator

The Construction Broadsheet recently covered TestFit’s new industrial configurator:

“TestFit definitely speeds up a very cumbersome process,” said Mike Jones, an executive with Pankow Builders, in a prepared statement. “[TestFit Industrial] helps to remove risk for developers during the site evaluation process.

“I believe TestFit is on its way to becoming the standard bearer for go/no-go decisions regarding the early financial wherewithal of a development deal.”