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Residential Engine for multifamily design

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Building Engine

A question often asked in the multifamily world: “How many units can I fit on this piece of land?”. Look no further. Residential Engine is your answer. Residential Engine combines the brilliance of algorithmic modeling with the simplicity of parametric modeling. Spatial and quantitative analysis can be done in fractions of a second. Generative design is now, finally, on the horizon.

At Building Forge, we have been committed to using computers to take care of the boring work. Who wants to spend hours counting units, counting parking spaces, or drawing polylines for area calculations? Software should make life easier, improve outputs and solve math problems. Long gone are the days of tallying unit types and counts, or doing inaccurate tabulations. Let us utilize computing power and bring building concept design into the 21st century.

Over the next several weeks we will be displaying different features we have built into Residential Engine to improve concept planning. Stay tuned.

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